Ship agents in Batumi and Poti ensure maximum efficiency

Ship Agent in Batumi and Poti

Ship Agent in Batumi and Poti

Ship Agent in Batumi and Poti: Your Reliable Maritime Partner in Georgia

Navigating the complexities of maritime logistics in the Black Sea region requires a partner you can trust. For shipowners, charterers, and operators looking for efficient, professional, and comprehensive ship agency services in Georgia, Batumi and Poti stand out as prime locations. As bustling port cities with strategic significance, both Batumi and Poti offer a gateway to global trade routes and the heart of the Caucasus. Here’s why choosing a ship agent in these ports is crucial for seamless maritime operations.


Batumi: The Pearl of the Black Sea

Batumi, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” is not just a picturesque coastal city; it’s a vital hub for maritime trade. Known for its modern infrastructure and expanding port facilities, Batumi offers numerous advantages for shipping operations.


Efficient Cargo Handling: The port of Batumi is equipped to handle a variety of cargo, from bulk and containerized goods to liquid cargoes. Ship agents in Batumi ensure that all loading and unloading processes are conducted smoothly and efficiently, minimizing turnaround times.

Customs and Documentation: Navigating the intricacies of customs regulations and documentation can be daunting. Experienced ship agents in Batumi assist in expediting customs clearance, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

Crew Management: Batumi’s ship agents provide comprehensive crew management services, including crew changes, medical assistance, and repatriation, ensuring the well-being and efficiency of the crew.
Bunkering and Supplies: Reliable and timely supply of bunkers, provisions, and technical stores is essential for uninterrupted maritime operations. Ship agents coordinate these services, ensuring that vessels are well-supplied and ready for their next voyage.


Poti: The Heartbeat of Georgia’s Maritime Trade

Poti, another crucial port city in Georgia, serves as the country’s main gateway to the Black Sea. With its strategic location and robust infrastructure, Poti is indispensable for maritime trade in the region.


Strategic Connectivity: Poti’s port connects maritime routes with overland transport networks, facilitating seamless movement of goods between Europe, Asia, and the Caucasus region. This strategic connectivity makes it a preferred choice for shippers and logistics companies.

Diverse Cargo Handling: The port of Poti is well-equipped to handle a wide range of cargo, including containers, bulk commodities, and project cargo. Ship agents in Poti specialize in managing these diverse cargo types, ensuring efficient and safe handling.

Port Services Coordination: From pilotage and towing to berthing and mooring, ship agents in Poti coordinate all port services, ensuring that vessels dock and depart without delays.

Regulatory Compliance: Staying abreast of the latest regulations and ensuring compliance is crucial. Ship agents provide valuable assistance in navigating the regulatory landscape, ensuring all operations are conducted within legal frameworks.

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Why Choose Us as Your Ship Agent in Batumi and Poti?

As leading ship agents in Batumi and Poti, Sofmar has prided itself on delivering top-notch services tailored to meet the unique needs of each vessel and its crew since 1991. Our dedicated team of professionals has extensive experience and local knowledge. This ensures that every aspect of your port call is handled with utmost efficiency and care.


24/7 Support: We provide round-the-clock support to address any issues that may arise, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Local Expertise: Our deep understanding of local regulations, port procedures, and market conditions enables us to offer valuable insights and effective solutions.
Comprehensive Services: From arrival to departure, we manage all aspects of port operations, including logistics, documentation, and supply chain coordination.


Choose us as your trusted ship agent in Batumi and Poti, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your maritime operations are in expert hands. Let us handle the complexities, so you can focus on what you do best – navigating the seas and delivering excellence in maritime trade.

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