Trusted Port Agency Sofmar in Batumi and Poti

Port agency “Sofmar” in the ports of Batumi and Poti

The port agency “Sofmar” in the ports of Batumi and Poti provides the following services:

Shipping Agency in Batumi


Ship Agent:

The ship agent organizes and coordinates all operations related to the entry and exit of vessels to and from the port. This includes paperwork, interaction with port authorities, organizing towing, mooring, and ensuring all needs of the ship and crew are met while in port.


Protective Agent:

The protective agent represents the interests of the shipowner or charterer in the port, protecting their rights and ensuring compliance with contract terms. They monitor the actions of all parties, such as shippers and terminal operators, to ensure that all obligations are met fairly and in a timely manner.




Banker Agent:

The banker agent is responsible for the financial matters of the vessel’s operations in the port, including processing payments. They also settle accounts with port services and other counterparties. They ensure timely financial transactions, accounting, and distribution of all expenses within the port area.

Freshwater Agent:

The freshwater agent delivers the required amount of fresh water to the vessel, ensuring it meets quality standards. This guarantees the ship and crew have an adequate supply on board, delivered on time.

Ship Chandler:

The ship supply agent provides all necessary goods and materials for the vessel, including food, spare parts, tools, and other resources. They ensure that the needs of the vessel and crew are met for a safe and efficient sailing experience.




Technical Service Agent:

The ship technical agent organizes and coordinates repairs, inspections, and equipment replacement to ensure the ship’s operation.

Crew Change Agent:

The crew change agent coordinates crew changes, handling transportation, accommodation, visas, and other necessary paperwork. They ensure the safety and well-being of crew members while they are in port and during the crew change process.

These services support vessels and crews in Batumi and Poti, ensuring efficient maritime transport

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