The maritime agency SOFMAR began its activities with agency services in 1991 thus commencing the private practice of maritime cargo services in Georgia. Today we serve vessels in the ports of Poti, Batumi and Kulevi.

SOFMAR acts as an agent under the order and on behalf of a vessel owner.

In the name of a vessel owner we provide following services:

  • Arranging vessel and freight documents;
  • paying out port fees, duties and fines;
  • dealing with freight acceptance and delivery;
  • organizing freight operations;
  • securing water and food for vessels;
  • organizing technical assistance for vessels if needed;
  • providing wharfs, towing services and maritime pilots to vessels.

Highly qualified and experienced agents of SOFMAR will serve you within 24 hours.

The history of SOFMAR started when the Soviet empire collapsed, and competition and private property became determinative factors of the economy – when the former and a well known environment began to ruin.


Alexander Krupa 

+995 493 220266