SOFMAR offers the following services:

  1. Door-to door full freight transportation;
  2. mixed freight transportation
  3. (consolidation, customs arrangements, preservation, export declaration, TIR, CMR);
  4. warehouse services in the following European countries: Germany, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine;
  5. We offer our partners services by the following means of transportation: euro trucks (standard tent, mega, jumbo), refrigerator trucks, thermo kings
  6. transportation of hazardous goods (ADR, IMO).
  7. We provide transportation of oversized cargo (organization of forwarding, getting licenses) from any European country and within the Caucasus.
  8.  Means of transportation are equipped with a CMR insurance policy; though we also do insure the forwarders’ as well as expeditors’ responsibilities.
  9.  Our employees will shortly present the best transportation schemes and routes based on optimal price and reasonable delivery time calculations. We will assist in freight related customs arrangements, preservation, insurance or certification procedures.

SOFMAR has its own vehicle fleet composed of International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and heavy trucks of other American and European marks, technical operability and readiness of which is ensured by engineers and mechanics of the technical group of SOFMAR terminal. Vehicles undergo necessary daily inspections before each journey as well as monthly scheduled examinations. Such an approach is a guarantee for our success and your security.

We perform our job quickly and reliably with strong guarantees of protection and insurance.


+995 493 220266