Railway is the best decision during long distance transportation of freights especially in large volumes.

It is convenient to carry standard, over-sized and hazardous goods by railway. SOFMAR offers a full package of transporting and forwarding services including carriage of goods by railway containers and by cars.

Mainly the following types of containers are used for railway transportations: 

  • Standard 20-foot
  • 20-foot Heavy Test
  • 20-foot Open Top
  • Standard 40-foot
  • 40-foot High Cube
  • 40-foot Open Top

Containers are chosen according to the freight to be transported. Carriage of goods is also possible via platforms which are basically used for transporting technical equipment.

Special cars called hoppers are used for transporting loose freight; alternatively, cisterns are used for transporting liquids and open half-cars are used for ordinary freights.

Main directions of our activity are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Ukraine, also railway transportation and professionally performed reliable carriages.


Ekaterine Alania

First Deputy Director 


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