We organize shipping operations based on accurately and professionally calculated schemes enabling us to ensure on-time freight delivery to destinations without shortages; also we determine and maintain best prices acceptable for clients. If necessary, shipment in the “FRIGO” regime (controlled temperature) is also available to avoid either overheating or overcooling of cargo.

We handle shipping for an oversized freight of any tonnage and volume using, as necessary, full package of maritime, road and railway transportation from both the Caucasus region to any destination in the world and vice versa.

We have a huge experience accumulated in this field, accomplishing technically complicated shipments which needed high professionalism, convenience, and fresh and comprehensive abilities to be calculated and organized.

We have fully justified the expectations of our clients.

We are proud to say that there is almost no overwhelming obstacle for the SOFMAR employees.

Contact Us:

Ekaterina Alania

First Deputy Director 


+995 493 220266