There are lots of different views and conceptions about constructing Anaklia Deep Sea Port, of its necessariness, potential or the perspective, both justified and ungrounded. We have talked about Anaklia Deep Sea Port with the Director of “Sofmar” Ltd. Mr. Vakhtang Alania.


Mister Vakhtang,what’s the perspective of constructing new Anaklia  deep sea port?

Nowadays, existing Georgian seaports with their infrastructure and equipments are morally out of date. Unfortunately, Batumi Seaport isn’t safe for the ships. Although the port works on dry cargoes, but in a small quantities, as it was built for the liquid ones. On the other hand, Poti Sea Port was initially supposed for the dry loads. Poti Sea Port got the international status at the beginning of the 20th century. As a fully operating port it started functioning after solving flood and malaria problems. However, meddling with the nature and changing the bed of the Rioni River has caused a new problem – the port started intensively filling with sand. Removing the sand is connected with great expenses that increases the service rates. Afterwards, Poti Sea Port is less competitive among other Black Sea ports. Consequently there is no doubt in priority of constructing deep water, modern, competitive Anaklia Deep Sea Port.

Mister Vakhtang,what impact will Anaklia Deep Sea Port have on an existence of Poti Sea Port? Will Sea Ports of Poti, Batumi and Kulevi be able to compete with Anaklia? In this context what’s the future of the city itself which has such a limited jobs?

If the attitude towards Georgian sea ports doesn’t change, there won’t be any perspectives for Poti Sea Port. Georgian government should work out state policy of developing, functioning and constructing Georgian ports (Poti, Batumi, Anaklia, Kulevi and  Supsa). Poti Sea Port must analyze how to work retain its position as the main ring in the logistic chain and the major knot of the transport and transit corridor.

Mister Vakhtang,Anaklia Deep Sea Port will compete international ports, among them are Novorossiysk and Istanbul. What will the advantage of Anaklia Deep Sea Port be?

Georgia still hasn’t fully formed as an alternative sea route for the Middle Asian countries and exactly Anaklia Deep Sea Port gives such an opportunity


And lastly,Mister Vakhtang,what opportunities are given for “Sofmar” as an international shipping company? And what are the further expectations for you?

Anaklia Deep Sea Port will give to Georgia the chance to form as a perfect alternative route for the Middle Asian countries and indeed, “Sofmar” will have more work, gain new shippings and new projects.