SOFMAR offers full range of road, maritime and rail transportation services in the field of international carriage. One of the main directions of our activities is international maritime container transportation. Maritime transportation today is a part of multimodal transportation engaging the participation of road or railway transports. Despatch  of maritime container transportation often depends on weather conditions, causing client resentments.  Obviously SOFMAR is not able to change weather conditions and avoid storms; however, our company ships containers by sea from any country through cooperation with leading ports worldwide, controls and provides information about the location of your freight.

On the basis of and in compliance with the provisions of the agreement our expeditors will ensure professional route planning and organize each stage of maritime transportation.

We have worked out optimal and proven schemes of a multimodal carriage, offering best tariffs.

We are the members of international organizations like BIMCO, SEA, FIATA, INTERTANKO that makes us highly responsible.

Do you wish to be the first one leaving behind your competitors in your business?

SOFMAR is the companion of your successful business.

We offer:

  • a full package of “door-to-door” multimodal transportation.
  • You choose either a full-package service or a specific direction such as road, rail or intraport forwarding.
  • We have special conditions and prices for permanent clients and freight flows.
  • Each transportation is individual and we use different means of transport for different kind of freights, maintaining our approaches and principles unchanged, which are honesty and professionalism, prompt and reliable freight transportation.
  • All freights are valuable for us.
  • Every client of ours is exclusive and unique.


Elena Lomia

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